Wine List


At Terminal City Club, we are proud to showcase hundreds of selections from around the world on our wine list. Fall back on old favourites, discover hidden gems, or allow yourself to be surprised by something new. Don’t hesitate to ask our attentive and knowledgeable staff for recommendations, or to help you find the perfect wine pairing for your meal. We are constantly refreshing our wine list to reflect the most current and inspired selection available for our members and their guests.

With pride and passion, we offer you this extensive and innovative wine list for your enjoyment!

Purchasing, Wine-to-Go, and Corkage

Bottle purchases, wine locker orders, and any other beverage inquiries may be directed to:
([email protected])

For more information see: Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Symbols

All out wines are chosen with care. We strive to provide choices for you that are responsibly and ethically made, respecting both the humans who tend the vineyards and make the wines, and the land itself. Wines made this way are healthier for us, better for the planet, and supremely expressive.


Vegan – Wines made with absolutely no contact with animal products during their production. Wines are cloudy after fermentation and are typically clarified using fining agents made from harmless animal-sourced proteins like albumin, casein, gelatin, or isinglass. It’s important to understand that residues of fining agents do not remain in wine, but selections with the Vegan symbol assure you that the wine was either left to clear naturally, or a plant- or earth-based product was used.


Organic – Wines that are made from grapes that are farmed organically, using no chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or fungicides. Many of these wines are certified organic; for estates that have chosen not to, we’ve verified their practices.


Biodynamic – These wines are made from grapes that are farmed following highly specific practices (similar to organic) with no use of chemical inputs, greater emphasis on soils health and spiritual, mystical, and astrological components. These selections are either certified or use a majority of the eight preparations outlined in the philosophy devised by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s.


Natural/Minimal Intervention – Wines that are made with very little intervention in the winery and deliberately shun the use of additives and inputs. Naturally, these wines are made from sustainably grown grapes.


Sustainable – Wine regions around the world are forging sustainable grape-growing codes that represent a commitment to using fewer agro-chemicals and fertilizers. It’s a crucial first step toward organic cultivation and a focus on the health of the vines, soils, and people who farm grapes year-round.