Liquor & Wine Locker FAQ

What is the cost of renting a locker?
Liquor Locker: $225, billed annually on December 31st.
12-bottle temperature-controlled wine locker: $400, billed annually on September 30.
24 bottle temperature-controlled wine locker: $750, billed annually on September 30.


Can I cancel my locker at any time?
Yes; a prorated refund of the annual rental will be made once the key to the locker has been returned. *Please be aware that previously opened spirit bottles may not be removed from the Club.


How do I order wine or liquor for my locker?
You may ask for an order sheet from one of the bartenders, or you may contact: Owen Stuart,, 604 488 8646   |   Ray Yoon,


Can I bring a bottle of wine in to store in my locker?
Yes, you may bring your own bottle of wine to the Club to consume during your dining experience. The wine must be unopened and commercially produced. Please note there is a $40 corkage fee per bottle.


Can I bring a bottle of spirits to store in my locker?
“Bring your own bottle of wine” applies to wine only and not hard liquor or beer.


Where can I find glassware or a corkscrew to open my bottle?
The Member’s Lounge is fully staffed. A staff member will provide glassware, ice buckets, and decanters; they will be able to open and pour your wine for you and your guests.


What if I want to open my own bottle and pour my own wine for myself and my guests?
You are more than welcome to open your own bottle of wine and pour for your guests. If you need assistance please let a member of our team know and we can assist you.


Where am I able to enjoy my bottle of wine or spirits from my locker?
Cuvée, 1892, the Grill, the Member’s Lounge, Media Room. Bottle service will not be permitted in private function rooms unless a steward is hired for the event.


I love Cuvée and spend a lot of time in this space. Can I continue to keep my bottle behind the bar?
Yes, you may keep your bottle of spirits behind Cuvée bar. You may also ask one of the bartenders to make a vodka or gin martini with your bottle. Please note there is a $3.00 cocktail prep charge for that service.


Can I take my unfinished bottle of wine home with me?
Yes, provided one of the service staff re-seals it before you leave. If you are leaving by car, you must ensure it is not readily accessible to anyone in the vehicle while driving. (Store it in behind the seat or in the trunk.)


Am I able to keep spirits in my wine locker and wine in my liquor locker?
Due to the wine lockers having only storage only for bottles on their sides, you may not keep open bottles of wine or bottles of spirits in them. You may keep wine in your liquor locker but keep in mind that they are not temperature controlled and not recommended for long term wine storage.


I have too many wine bottles to fit into my locker? Is there another space I can store them?
Yes, we will permit you to keep an extra 12 bottles in our cellar. If you need access to those extra bottles, just ask a team member and we will be able to help.


What if I lose my locker key?
Please let a staff member know and we can have a new key cut for you. This may take up to three business days to complete. Please know that a $25 replacement fee will be charged to your member account.