Club Closure FAQ (Updated)

In an effort to address the questions of our members regarding our recent closure, please review the frequently asked questions below:

Can I collect items from my locker?
Yes, please email to arrange a time to come by the Club. Members can come and collect any required belongings pending the following medical clearance:

  • You have not returned from travel outside of Canada in the last 14 days.
  • You are not ill, and you have not been in contact with an individual who has been ill.
  • Your temperature is 37°C (98.6°F) or lower. Temperatures will be checked upon arrival to the Club.

Will any facilities be open for member use during this closure?
No, all facilities will be closed.

Will the parking lot be open?
Yes, members will have regular access to the parking lot and during the closure, you will have an additional 25 hours of parking from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays at no charge.

Will we receive a rebate on our monthly membership dues?
TCC is anxious to provide our primary shareholding members with as much financial relief as possible. Therefore, TCC Corporate and Resident members who are currently paying full dues will see their membership dues reduced by 15% beginning on their April statement, and continuing until the club re-opens for business. In addition, Corporate and Resident members will receive a food credit of $35 per month during the closure, accrued each month until re-opening, when it will be sent to members for use at their convenience.

Will minimum food spend apply during closure?
No it will not.

Will we be reimbursed for member events, programs, or lessons for which we are currently registered?
Yes, members will be reimbursed for registrations paid on TCC events that are cancelled or rescheduled. Registrations for paid programs and lessons will be reimbursed or pro-rated as appropriate.

How will our staff be affected by this closure?
We will do our best to provide support and compensation to our staff during this closure. Our staff are a critical part of our club and culture, and given the current competitive labour market we must do everything we can to retain them at this challenging time. As an important part of operating revenue, membership dues will be one component of helping us bridge this gap for our employees.

Will the club take this opportunity to clean and sanitize all club facilities?
Absolutely, thorough cleaning and sanitization of the club will be completed.

Will the facilities be maintained and secure during this closure?
Yes, all required maintenance will be completed throughout the closure, and our Chief Building Engineer and/or his team will be on site daily and available 24/7.

Has a reopening date been established?
No, at this time, there is no clear indication of when it will be appropriate to reopen. The Board of Directors and Club management will continue to monitor the situation and the recommendations of the Provincial and Federal public health authorities. Updates will be emailed to members, and posted to, every few days or as needed as the situation evolves.

Who do I contact for further information?
Peter Jackman, General Manager, at or