COVID Health Tips from Copeman Health

5 things to consider as we navigate COVID-19

By Dr. Diane McIntosh, CEO, Copeman Healthcare

Here are some suggestions to help you manage the overwhelming amount of information on COVID-19 and keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy.

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Going the social distance

By Dr. Diane McIntosh, CEO, Copeman Healthcare

In the spirit of maintaining our social distance, here are a few tips to help us keep our sanity and perhaps even enjoy our time in relative isolation.

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How to curb anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Dr. Jaleh Shahin, Psychologist

Whether you’re experiencing extreme anxiety or moderate levels that are normal, here are some strategies that can help you manage those anxious feelings.

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5 tips for grocery shopping during COVID-19

By Mariska Gordon, Registered Dietitian

Minimize your trips to the grocery store by having a game plan in place. Read these five tips to make your next shop that much easier!

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Healthy ways to prep your pantry for self-isolation

Wondering what to buy at the grocery store during this period of self-isolation? Read this article for dietitian advice on what foods to stock-pile.

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Advice for parents during COVID-19

By Amra Dizdarevic, Nurse Practitioner

This article features common questions about parenting during COVID-19, including information to keep children physically and mentally healthy

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Why we need to keep moving in times of self-isolation

By Hayley Kaczanowski & Melanie Portal, Kinesiologists

Keeping your body moving has many benefits, particularly in times of stress. Here are 3 things to keep in mind while exercising at home or during self-isolation.

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Webinar recording: Keeping active at home

With Melanie Portal, Kinesiologist

Staying at home doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stay active. This webinar covers how to get the exercise you need at home with minimal equipment.

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