Squash Tip of the Week: Squash Strategy to play with a hot-fast summer ball

When playing squash on a hot court with a very bouncy ball it is important to look at your squash strategy and make sure it corresponds to the conditions on the court. In general, this is not too much of an issue in an air conditioned facility. However, on certain days courts can be warmer with sunlight streaming in, or when visiting a non-air conditioned club, a new ball (which should be purchased after 3 matches) can be very bouncy. In contrast, when visiting a cooler court in the winter season I like to hit my length shots a few feet higher on the front wall than normal. As well, I like to drop and boast more because the ball tends not to bounce very high. So, how to play on a warmer court? Yes, you got it, aim your good length shots a foot or two lower on the front wall; and instead of hitting the drop shot use the 2-wall boast to move your opponent to the front (drop shots tend to sit up too high making for an easy hard kill for your opponent). On a hot summer squash court we need to be more patient, cutting out the tendency to go for the quick kill shot. Realize your opponent is in the same boat as you, so relax and hit length, boasting occasionally and let them lose the waiting game. When their patience wanes and they hit the high bouncing drop shot, hit a hard low winning drive, or sneak in a trickle boast with a similar swing. Most importantly, enjoy the sweat, and as they say in golf – the 19th hole! — Coach Barry