Featured Member of the Month: Neil Belenkie

GrowthPoint Group’s, CEO and Founder, Neil Belenkie is a TCC member, successful business entrepreneur, and a renowned networking guru, proven by his highly successful ‘TRIPE’ networking events for Vancouver’s senior business leaders.

What is GrowthPoint Group? What makes it unique?
[NB] GrowthPoint Group’s unique business model serves as an alternative to traditional consulting services; we provide clients with operators versus advice. GrowthPoint serves organizations that face business issues that hinder them from successfully achieving goals and executing their plans. The clients benefit by risk-free, results-oriented services as GrowthPoint takes on full responsibility for delivering successful solutions to the problems. GrowthPoint has a team of senior business leaders, all with in-depth experience and knowledge across many subjects and sectors, all of whom work directly with clients to identify and solve issues. Currently, we have two offices (Vancouver and Calgary) and ten partners and continue to grow quickly. GrowthPoint also invests in select client companies and acquires companies outright.

What was the inspiration behind TRIPE?
[NB] TRIPE was inspired for a couple of reasons. I average two or three introductions every day to help people connect to solve issues and expand their network. TRIPE allows us to connect more people than we can reach through GrowthPoint. By Bringing 75 people together from my network, all of whom would benefit from knowing each other, saves me from having to write 150 separate email introductions. Each TRIPE event is invite only and restricted to one individual from each company. This way no guest is inundated by one company and only the business owners and leaders are present. There is no agenda; it is solely a time to connect with others and identify relationships that are mutually beneficial. TRIPE has been running for five years now in Vancouver and has just recently our Calgary office hosted its second event.

What would you say is your biggest professional success?
[NB] Surrounding myself with outstanding people.

Why did you become a member of Terminal City Club?
[NB] Firstly, I think TCC is the nicest club when it comes to exercise, quality of life, squash and workout facilities. Not only are the facilities great but the people are great too which sets TCC apart from other places. Secondly, the members of the club are people who are great to know. I like to describe them as the “movers and shakers” of Vancouver. These are individuals that are here to spend time with others while doing things they love to do. Lastly, I feel the business facilities at the club are unparalleled. I am easily able to secure facilities for business events and meetings. Based on those three reasons alone, there is no other club that comes close!

What do you enjoy the most about the club?
[NB] The people!

Favourite dish?
[NB] I eat a ton at the Lions Pub. Top two favourites at the pub would have to be the tuna melt and butter chicken.

How do you spend your time outside of work?
[NB] Family, family, family! I have three boys and my wife is pregnant with our fourth. I have a very simple philosophy when it comes to family and that’s that I will only ever be “half” away from my family. There will be times where I will be away for a short while, during of which I will aim to have the most rewarding experience as possible, and then I will be back to full time with my family. I have a couple of engagements wrapping up this week which will allow me to spend more time with my family over the summer.

Do you intend on bringing your kids to the Club?
[NB] I haven’t yet only because the kids have been so busy with their sports on weekends. Bringing them down, especially to the pool, is something I can’t wait to do with them! When I was considering membership, TCC’s family focus was not my top priority but since then it has become such an added value of my membership for both me and my wife. We like that the club is something our whole family can enjoy. We have friends who currently bring their kids to the club and they love it! TCC does a great job of balancing its high-end business and sports facilities within a family friendly environment located in the downtown core.

Do you volunteer?
[NB] I have been a volunteer fireman for five years now. The ‘feel good’ component to the role is very rewarding. GrowthPoint also chooses at least one charity per year to provide corporate support to.

What would you say to someone considering joining TCC?
[NB] I would encourage them to take the time to visit the club, tour the facility and meet the people. If it’s not a fit, nothing will be a fit! I look at how many people joined the club after our last TRIPE event that we held at TCC and it’s a true testament to the quality of the club and the people in the club. I’d challenge them to find a place that’s a better fit if they are looking for the types of services and facilities that the TCC has to offer.


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