Squash Tip of the Week: How to Alleviate the miss-hit Shot

Do you hit the ball in the centre of your strings (the sweet spot) on a regular basis? If not, here are three tips to assist you in hitting the ball in the sweet spot more often. (1) Good anticipation: It is important to watch your opponent’s racquet hit the ball to anticipate where it is going. Many times I see people looking toward the front wall as their opponent is swinging, having already decided where the ball is going, only to find the ball going somewhere else. (2) Early Arm/Racquet preparation: Now that you have anticipated where the ball is going it is time to get your arm & racquet, back & up early to set up for your next shot. (3) Start your swing slowly: With your early racquet preparation you are now able to begin your swing slowly, adding racquet speed as you begin your contact on the ball. Use good anticipation, early racquet preparation, and begin your swing slowly and you will find your shots hitting the sweet spot on a regular basis (no more frame winners Ray;). — Coach Barry