Squash Tip of the Week: Stay Balanced after each Shot

A tip I love to share with new players’ is to have them try to play all their shots within a metre of the side walls, and to keep their feet out of this area — Easier said then done! A good way to practice this on your own is to do the 6-Point Star Running Drill. In this drill you start on the top of the T, then you do a ghost swing (i.e., a swing without a ball) in each corner, as well as on each side-wall. You can do this one minute on, and while resting a few minutes, you can practice hitting shots down the side-wall within a metre of the wall (be progressive: 3/4 metre, 1/2 metre…). Remember, when doing the 6-Point Star Drill swing about one metre from the side wall, and keep your balance — then move back to the T. With practice you may notice something new in your game? Yes, no more bouncing off side walls & back walls, and your shots are more accurate now that you are balanced as you are swinging.  — Coach Barry