February 2024 Newsletter & President’s Letter

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Dear fellow members,

I hope everyone enjoyed the first month of the year. Hopefully the snow and the cold didn’t stop you from visiting the Club. The team hit the ground running on some projects around the Club this month, including completing the women’s washroom and installing the beautiful marble table in the Arbutus room to round out the Club Rooms project. We still saw a steady stream of corporate bookings along with our regularly scheduled discussions and events at the Club, despite less-than ideal conditions.

Our Membership team knocked it out of the park to start the year, with the largest ballot we’ve seen in two years. A total of 37 members joined in January. I want to wish these members a warm welcome, and I look forward to welcoming more new members throughout the year. Also, a special shoutout to every member that continues to refer their networks and spreads the word about TCC, this is our Club and together we will make it better!

The team had their annual winter staff party at the Club this past month. Our team pours their heart into their work and gets to celebrate twice a year with their colleagues. I heard everyone enjoyed themselves! Staff also got to announce the winner of the Employee of the Year. Congratulations to Sheila Israel from the Lions Pub for winning this distinction!

Another noteworthy staff achievement was David Cheng from the restaurants team celebrating an impressive 50 years at the Club on January 12. I hope some of you got the chance to congratulate him in person. Congratulations on such a terrific milestone, David!

Our culinary team continues to offer delicious to-go options if you want to skip cooking through tcc2go.com. Contact Member Services to pick up your order. Red curry has been a very popular choice so far, but there’s something for everyone. You can always use this towards your quarterly food spend, too.

The 45-Day Fitness Challenge is well under way. I hope all 135 participants are on track to complete the challenge this month. Keep up the good work! Even if you’re not participating, I hope you can take advantage of the excellent facilities we have on the 3rd floor, it is the jewel of the Club.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Wednesday, February 14, for those that need reminding… To avoid disappointment, I would encourage you to get your reservations in as soon as possible if you plan on celebrating at the Club. A preview of the menu can be found on page 4.

We received positive feedback on the recent Comedy Night we hosted in the Lounge on January 25. I hope you enjoyed some laughs if you caught the show. If you want to see more events like this or have any suggestions on events you’d like to see at the Club, feel free to reach out to our Membership & Marketing team.

Until next time, take care.


Nate Kube
Terminal City Club President