January 2024 Newsletter & President’s Letter

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Dear fellow members,

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season and is ready to start the new year with a bang. December was very busy around the Club, so kudos to management and staff for another successful holiday season.

It’s an honour to serve as President for 2024. I joined the Club in 2007 and have sat on the Board since 2017. Over the last 17 years, I have seen many changes throughout our Club, and serving the Board has given me a deep appreciation for the resilient operations and exceptional management needed to innovate and deliver a winning Club experience.

We’re looking to push ahead with some much-needed upgrades to our elevators throughout the year and update the HVAC system in our Grill kitchen. These aren’t the most glamourous projects, but they are necessary for the overall building functionality.

Management will be working on a unique offering of a speakeasy connected to the Lions Pub. We hope to unveil that once our city permits arrive. In the meantime, we’ll keep that between us (p.s. it’s going to be fantastic). Also, we’ll continue to offer an exciting array of events, beverage tastings, and member-focused discussions throughout the year.

The Fitness Centre holds a special place for me, where I met my wife while rehabbing from an injury. Although I won’t be participating in the 45-Day Fitness challenge this year due to another injury, I encourage everyone to try to finish the challenge in the 60-day window. I can guarantee you’ll feel better after completing it (and most likely pretty sore).

Thank you to all the members who donated to our Club Fund over the past few months. Over 130 members contributed to the fund, which was disseminated to all eligible staff on December 1. A special thanks to everyone for their generosity.

Our Board and management will continue to work diligently to ensure our Club is evolving and maintaining the high standards of service and innovation that we’re known for. I look forward to hearing from the membership over the coming year, so feel free to share your feedback.

Last year, the Club saw some of its highest revenue on record, particularly for the Pub and Catering businesses. This year, we’re projecting more of the same. Like many businesses facing significantly increased costs, we need to plan accordingly. I’m confident that management will deliver another strong year.

All things considered, I’m excited for the year ahead and I look forward to seeing you around the Club.



Nate Kube
Terminal City Club President