September 2023 Newsletter & President’s Letter

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Dear fellow members,

And just like that, another Summer is nearly in the books. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and got to spend some quality time at our Club (or wherever your vacations or travels took you). Let’s hope the nice weather sticks around as we transition into fall.

We saw quite a few member-focused events and summer-inspired BBQs and culinary offerings added to our calendar, hopefully many of which will stick around for years to come. Business was steady with banquets and meeting rooms full throughout the summer months, and our new patios saw some steady use with the sunshine.

We’re nearing the end of our fiscal year for 2022/2023. Staff have done an excellent job performing to budget across many areas of the Club. Kudos to the Pub and the Catering teams for a strong performance throughout the fiscal year. Catering revenue for the fall is expected to be record setting, so be sure to get your bookings in early. Our Catering and Culinary teams won’t let you down.

The Membership team of Amanda Jun and Alison Magill have also done a fantastic job bringing new and prospective members to the Club and are looking to finish the year strong. Be sure to see a list of our newest members on the following page. Members are the lifeblood of the Club, a warm thank you to all who have referred and introduced new members to our Club’s community; your efforts have contributed to our Club’s growth.

Our Nomination Committee has been struck and will be recommending a slate at our Annual General Meeting. We have a well-balanced and strategic Board that represents a variety of industries and sectors. Currently, we are looking for individuals with strong backgrounds in hospitality, preferably experience managing a team or business of over 150 people, and active users of the Club. There is a significant time commitment involved with meetings throughout the year. If you want to learn more about the opportunity, please email [email protected] and we can provide you with more information.

The Board and management are finalizing the upcoming budget and will present our Financials at our AGM on Monday, December 11. We’re tasked with navigating an uncertain climate of high interest rates, high property taxes, and increasing food and supply costs for many areas of the Club. We’re conscious of this as we budget for our next fiscal year and beyond and need to ensure we’re accounting for these costs.

TCC offers our members a world-class club experience, and the Board and management are committed to find new ways to make our Club better for generations to come.

Mark your calendars for our Annual Gala on Saturday, November 4, an event where our team consistently excels and sets the bar high.

I had the pleasure of attending the staff summer social on the Grill patio in late August. It was great seeing so many of our team members together in one spot, and I was glad I was able to say a few words to kick off the night. A special kudos to our wonderful staff. Your contributions have made our Club a better place over the years.

I hope you can all enjoy the last bit of summer and a pleasant start to the fall.



Julia Yan
President, Terminal City Club