5 Wedding Bloopers You Should Know How to Avoid

We all know how stressful the ‘big’ day can be … especially when the unexpected happens! There is no sure way to avoid bloopers but here is some tips to help prepare for the ‘unexpected’. Make your big day as perfect and stress-free as possible.

1. Have a Rain Plan
Let’s face it; we live in Vancouver we are used to rain any time of the year – yes, even the summer. This is an easy fix; venues in Vancouver are aware of the rain and usually set aside a space as a complementary back up plan. Unless you’re a risk taker, speak with your venue and ensure that there is a space set aside for you!

2. Vendor Life Lines
On the day of your wedding vendors, such as your florist, decorator and venue may need to be in contact with you. Rather than having them calling you or someone you don’t trust with making decisions give them a cell phone number who will be available the day of the wedding for any questions. This could be a wedding coordinator, or the father of the bride, father of the groom, trusted relative or friend. The less you need to be on duty for the better.

3.Technology is our friend, when appropriate
iPad’s, iPhones and smart phones are fantastic technology we are lucky to have. However, during your wedding it is the last thing you want to see being held up to take photos of you. You’re hiring a photographer for a reason! Simply ask guests to keep cell phones and iPads away until after the ceremony, let them enjoy the moment with you and let the photographer do his/her job.

4. Skimping on the food
If you think your future mother-in-law can be a little unpleasant now, just wait until you see her on an empty stomach. Work with your Caterer and/or venue to ensure you have a menu that’s within your budget but still allows for plenty of food.

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