Featured Member of the Month: Richard Deacon

RJD III Media Inc. , President and Founder, Richard Deacon is a TCC member, active volunteer and successful business entrepreneur across various fields from media sponsorship sales to investor education to high profile networking.

What is RJD 3 Media?
[RD] RJD III Media is a media sponsorship and sales consulting company that was born out of a long term relationship with The Globe and Mail. I had worked for The Globe and Mail in a business development capacity for many years and then decided to form my own consulting company. The Globe and Mail is now one of our major clients. We drive incremental or non-traditional revenue from an advertising and marketing perspective on a national level. Essentially what we do is create content marketing programs and sell advertising, sponsorship and marketing packages around the branded content we create to then appear on print, digital and social media channels.

I understand you are the Director of Strategic Partnerships at TIGER 21. Can you please tell us about this group and your involvement?
[RD] TIGER21 is an incredible, very exclusive member based organization that has been in the US for 16 years. TCC member Thane Stenner and I co-founded TIGER in Canada, in 2010. Thane is the driving force behind our membership and I develop relationships with our Corporate Educational Partners. TIGER 21 is a peer-topeer learning group for ultra- high net worth investors committed to lifelong learning and investment best practices. Our members learn and invest together and are constantly sharing ideas and opportunities in a highly trusted environment. Members meet on a monthly basis at annual conferences and retreats. Currently, we have nearly 50 members in Canada and 200 in the US, each with an average net worth of 80 million dollars. We currently have four chapters in Canada – Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto & Montreal. Through our Corporate Partnership program we also align best in class firms and brands with TIGER 21 to add value to our members, enhancing the overall membership experience.

What would you say is your biggest professional success?
[RD] Being on both sides of the mentorship equation. I have been mentored myself by some wonderful business legends. I would have to say my biggest professional success would be the time I have spent mentoring others. It was actually through being a mentor that I was introduced to the Terminal City Club. I started mentoring at the age of 28 and had the honor of winning the Vancouver Board of Trade’s Leaders of Tomorrow Program Mentor of the Year Award. I am very grateful for my own mentors who invested their own time in me and I am happy to be that person for others.

Why did you become a member of Terminal City Club?
[RD] I became a member just before I turned 35 and at the time I was in a transitional phase within my career to form RJD III Media, we did not have a physical office space, so it was great to have a place in the city where my team and I could meet regularly. Even to this day, as the leader of a virtual team, it is great have the business facility where my team can meet to not only do business but also socialize over a coffee or a workout in the gym.

I understand that you live in the Interior. Do you feel you are able to utilize the Club as a non-local member?
[RD] The Club is my home away from home and my office away from the office. I know some people may worry that they would not feel connected to a club if they do not live nearby but I find it to be quite the opposite in my case. From a destination perspective, TCC’s location in the heart of downtown Vancouver is ideal and a central destination for my team. The facility provides stability and services to those who don’t have a traditional bricks and mortar office. I also use the Club for my volunteer work to entertain donors and meet with other board members from my work as a Director with children’s charity Arts Umbrella.

How do you spend your time outside of work?
[RD] Well, we are building a home right now so a lot of my spare time is dedicated to that. My wife and I love to travel which we often get to do through my work. We have a three year old son who loves to be outdoors so we spend a lot of our time hiking and horseback riding. We also like to attend events as a family which we have done lots at the Club. I have brought my parents down to the Club quite a few times for the family Sunday super at The Grill which has always been awesome. Can’t go wrong with roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

What is your favourite dish at the Club?
[RD] We almost always eat breakfast at the Club so I feel biased towards The Grill breakfast menu. Featu red Membe r of the Mont h: Richard De acon I would have to say my most enjoyable dinner at the Club would be the Sunday night roast beef dinner. I also love to come in and have some appetizers and a glass of wine down at Cuvée.

Do you volunteer?
[RD] I currently sit on the Board of Directors for Arts Umbrella and I am the past president of the Food Bank in the Nicola Valley. I am an active volunteer with Union Gospel Mission and also Chair a golf tournament out in Langley called the Boys of Fall that benefits the charity, Basics For Babies.

What do you enjoy most about TCC?
[RD] Having that third place between office and home. I feel comfortable coming to the Club and enjoy the consistency of knowing what to expect upon each visit. There is a high level of membership service which is important. I plan to use the club more socially than I currently do. I actually just saw the invitation for the upcoming Roaring 20’s party which I hope I will be able to attend.

What would you say to someone considering joining TCC?
[RD] It is probably often misunderstood or underestimated how important a facility like this is in the mix of doing business and being a part of a community. It’s so important to have that neutral place that you can come to for all occasions. Whether you are in town or abroad and visiting one of the affiliate clubs, it makes such a difference to have that place you can go to for guaranteed privacy and high level service. I can’t tell you how many meetings I have had at TCC where my guests leave completely impressed by the service and amenities the club has to offer.