Members can enjoy complimentary parking at the club on evenings and weekends. They can also take advantage of complimentary weekday early morning parking while enjoying our fitness facilities or The Grill restaurant between 6 AM - 9 AM.

Member Rates

Monday - Friday

Daytime (9 AM - 4 PM): $4.25/half hour (maximum $25.00/day inclusive of taxes)
Early Morning (6 AM - 9 AM): Complimentary
Evening (4 PM - 9AM): Complimentary


All Day: Complimentary

Monthly Member Rates
Member Random 24 hours: $247.00 + tax
Member Reserved 24 hours: $347.00 + tax
Premium Reserved 24 hours: $392.00 + tax
Service Level 24 hours: - $457.00 + tax

Please note that a valid membership card must be presented to the parking attendant for complimentary evening and weekend parking. This benefit is not transferable to family members or guests.

Non-Member Rates

Monday - Friday

Daytime (6 AM - 6 PM): $4.25/half hour or portion (max $25.00/day)
All Day: $25.00 up to 6 PM
Evening (6 PM - 6 AM): $4.25/half hour or portion. $10.00 max to 6 AM



Daytime (6 AM - 6 PM):  $4.25/half hour or portion. $25.00 all day
Evening (6 PM - 6 AM):  $4.25/half hour or portion. $10.00 overnight

Monthly Non-Member Rates
Random Monthly Parking: $265.00 + tax
Reserved 24 hours: $365.00 + tax

For more information on parking, place call 604-681-4121 or email


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