Affiliate Clubs

Affiliate Clubs

Members enjoy club visitor privileges at hundreds of reciprocal clubs around the world.

TCC’s International Associate Clubs (IAC) membership also opens the doors to an additional 250 private clubs and golf clubs in 40 countries. Visit IAC’s website for the most up-to-date listing of associated clubs. Preferred Golf Club perks are also available, which may provide up to $1,000 in benefits at associated IAC golf clubs worldwide.

TCC has also earned the prestigious Platinum Club status, held by the top 1% of private clubs worldwide, and reassessed every two years. Members have access to other Platinum Clubs of the World via the Platinum Club app.

A letter of introduction will be required to access the affiliate clubs. To request a letter of introduction ahead of your next visit, please email Member Services at [email protected]. Just a friendly reminder, please allow 24 hours to process.

Affiliate Clubs


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