House Rules

Guest Policy
Non-member guests are required to be with a member during their visit and comply with TCC’s House Rules. Guests must also check in at Member Services upon arrival.

Dress Code
Unless otherwise specified, the Club, with the exception of the Fitness Centre, has a minimum dress code of smart casual. Smart casual includes collared shirts, golf shirts, blouses, knee-length shorts, khakis, and solid-coloured denim. T-shirts without large logos or slogans are permitted provided they are worn with a sports jacket. All footwear must be clean and smart. All hats, runners, flip-flops, and torn denim are not permitted.

Cellphone & Device Policy
Text messaging and emailing is permitted but all ringtones and notifications must be set to silent. Talking on cellphones in the Club is prohibited except: lobby areas, second floor hallway, Business Centre, private function rooms, designated phone booth (second floor), Cuvée (calls permitted). Speakerphone is not permitted in the Club; please use headphones or earbuds.

Photographs & Videos
The taking of photographs or videos in the Club is permitted for personal use or for social media, but may not include other members’ or guests’ faces, for privacy reasons. Photo shoots, video shoots, and live-streaming in member areas of the Club (such as the Grill, Members’ Lounge, Cuvée, and Fitness Centre) require prior written permission from management.