February 2023 Newsletter & President’s Letter

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Dear fellow members,

Annually, Terminal City Club celebrates the Employee of the Year, and this year’s winner is truly deserving of the distinction. A big round of applause to Wlady Sokolowski, an outstanding employee with over 42 years of service for earning the well-deserved honour! Not only Wlady, but all the nominees were truly worthy of recognition. They have all demonstrated excellence in their work and have made valuable contributions to TCC. A huge congratulations to Wlady and all our team members.

We have an amazing space and wonderful members, but our staff are a key ingredient to our success the past several years. Our staff is our most valuable asset. Note page 6; it lists over 40 staff who have been with the club for more than 10 years. At the time of writing, we currently have 75 employees who have been with the Club for over 5 years. So impressive! To all the staff, your hard work and dedication are truly admirable and appreciated.

Way to go, Fitness Challengers! The 2023 TCC Fitness Challenge is here and we’ve got a whopping 152 members including myself ready to sweat it out. With so many first-timers taking on the challenge, I’m impressed by your positive and habit-forming initiative and dedication. Just remember, 45 workouts in two months is a tall order, but with the right attitude and a lot of grit, we can do this. If you’re looking for a change of pace to keep the momentum going, check out the new fitness class schedule on page 13. Keep it up and make it a habit for 2023 and beyond!

There’s never a dull moment at the Club! Don’t miss the Valentine’s Pop-up Dinner on February 14, and of course, the memory-making annual Father/Daughter Gala on February 18. And don’t forget, it’s always a good time to share your Terminal City Club member experience with your colleagues and clients. Book a Club meeting space for a refreshing change of scene, and let our culinary team inspire your group’s creativity. Our catering team is always available to work with you to ensure that your event reflects your unique style.

At our Annual General Meeting in December, we received some feedback regarding our dress code policy, so we wanted to remind everyone of the rules. Our goal is to keep our Club looking fresh, fabulous, and comfortable for everyone. So, when dining in our beautiful restaurants, let’s make sure our members and your guests look as good as the decor.

To make it easy to remember, please leave ripped denim, baseball caps, hoodies, and clothing with slogans or commercial messages at home. Our staff are happy to remind you of the dress code, but we want to make sure everyone is following the rules and having a stylish and enjoyable experience. Together we can make it happen! If your guest is out of dress code, or you want something more casual, the Lions Pub is always an option. See you in the gym!



Julia Yan
President, Terminal City Club