July 2021 Newsletter & President’s Letter

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Dear Fellow Members,

Nothing like a West Coast summer heatwave to truly appreciate the outdoor spaces we have access to at Terminal City Club. Our patios are fantastic this time of year. Though you can always catch a sunny spot on the Grill patio, we have plenty of shade offered by trees and our sturdy red umbrellas; we’ve also added two large canopies over the west end of the terrace. These additions make TCC a premier spot to enjoy sensational views, a tasty menu, and live music Thursday through Saturday evenings.

The business success we saw in May has stayed strong throughout June. We are still not doing much in the way of catering, however, we anticipate PHO restrictions starting to lift over the next two months as second vaccinations get underway and COVID-19 case counts drop.

The Lions Pub and has seen a bump in business primarily due to Euro 2020 being played. Running an English pub and England making it to the quarterfinals certainly helps!

In recent months, staff has continued to progress on our Grill restaurant and kitchen renovation. The Grill update is not only needed but will enhance the member experience and ensure the quality, consistency and offering exceeds member expectations. During the renovation, we will keep our Grill patio open and service it from our main floor kitchen. We are very fortunate to have three separate kitchens at TCC.

Summer is when your Board does its most serious financial planning for the coming fiscal year. It is going to be a challenge. Last year we didn’t know how to budget for a pandemic; this year we don’t know how to gauge the strength of the recovery. Fortunately, our membership has held up well over the past year and we hope to see an uptick in new members as the economy normalizes. We are also hopeful that the wedding and catering business springs back to life, our restaurants and pub will perform better, Cuvée can re-open, and more people will return downtown to park at the Club and use the Fitness Centre.

As encouraged as we are, the outlook is not all rosy. We will no longer be the beneficiary of the government wage subsidy and some of our costs have increased significantly. For example, insurance premiums have risen globally for reasons such as wildfires, floods and COVID-19. Our premiums are no exception, rising 12% this year and 77% over the past two years. We got a break on property taxes last year, but this year they increased 48% and compared to two years ago they are up 14%. It’s a good thing central bankers think inflation is temporary or we’d be starting to worry.

Like other hospitality organizations, we are also bracing ourselves for an overall food cost increase of 3-5%, and fuel surcharges too. Ensuring we maintain competitive wages remain top of mind as staff will always be our most valuable asset; impeccable service without a well-trained team is not possible.

We are grateful to have a strong base of active and engaged members, and TCC continues to bring in new members month after month. We are tracking well over the past year, but members are always our greatest ambassadors. Now is the time to host your colleagues, clients, or friends at the Club to show them why we are the current Canadian Society of Club Managers Club of the Year. When your referral joins the Club as a Resident or Corporate member before September 15, both you and the new member will receive a $250 account credit. Don’t hesitate to connect anyone you know who might be curious about the Club to your membership team at joinus@tcclub.com.

We feel optimistic about the next year and beyond at Terminal City Club. We are so looking forward to welcoming all members back to the Club, hopefully with a good old-fashioned handshake and without wearing a mask.


Stewart Marshall
Terminal City Club President