Terminal City Times – January 2020

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I would like to wish you a healthy New Year. Particularly to the members who have signed up for the 45-day fitness challenge. 45 workouts in 58 days are no easy task but a terrific way to start in 2020. Good luck to all our members taking up this challenge.

As we enter into the new decade, it’s a pleasure to look back at years past and see the growth the Club has enjoyed. 2019 was another good year for the Club, with the opening of the immensely popular Members’ Lounge, initiated by past president Ron Miller in his tenure. The tireless work done by Dr. Ignatius Cheung during his presidential tenure will continue to drive success for the Club. On behalf of all our 2,028 members, I would like to extend sincere appreciation for his hard work over the past year.

As a TCC member since 2007, I have enjoyed meeting countless members over the years, many of whom have become very close and valued friends. Of the numerous amenities I enjoy immensely, socializing in Cuvée and the Members’ Lounge are my favourites. I encourage you to indulge in your favourite Club facilities, whichever they may be, and of course, to bring your friends and colleagues to experience a taste of what TCC membership means to you. Our Club’s impressive history is humbling – I am thrilled that it has been enjoying what might be called a resurgence over the past few years. As the premier business/social club in Vancouver, our community here at TCC is our greatest asset. I look forward to making a positive contribution and welcome your feedback on how the Club is meeting your needs, as well as also how we might improve. As President, my focus for TCC this year is you – the member. Call it my 2020 vision – helping the Club exceed its members’ needs is my guiding principle for the coming year. Our key objective is to create an unmatched member experience, and we want to hear from you on how we can achieve this!

We will continue the hard work that the Board of Directors and Club Executives have put into the development of our new Five-Year Plan. Our primary focuses include membership growth, Club sustainability, and, most importantly, an exceptional Club experience.

In a step towards enhancing our Club experience, this past September we introduced a newly updated and extremely useable Members’ Lounge, an ideal workplace away from the office – plug-in a laptop or tablet for a change of scenery. In the evening, the Lounge is a perfect spot for a cocktail or meal with family or friends.

Audio and visual touch screens, projectors, and sound in our meeting rooms have had a substantial overhaul in the last few weeks. We invested $60,000 in ensuring our A/V systems remain cutting edge. The last thing anyone giving a presentation wants is a hiccup with equipment or sound; in turn, this update will make sure our systems remain some of the most advanced anywhere.

We were delighted to host special events during December to elevate the festive spirit in the Club, including dozens of fantastic holiday parties for our members and their staff. We were honoured to have over 570 members and guests for our Dickens’ Brunch with Santa, which I personally attended. With the generous fundraising help of our members, we also delivered a fantastic hot Christmas lunch and gifts for every child at Admiral Seymour Elementary School. The event was very special, and the children loved every moment.

The Club’s financial results up to December 31 are on track. I will provide more details in my next newsletter on results from our first fiscal quarter.

As we look forward:
• The Gourmet Dinner on Friday, January 31 promises to be a night to remember. If you consider yourself a foodie, this event is for you.
• For the new year, we have the following complimentary classes: mat Pilates; cardio kickboxing; vinyasa & power yoga; ski fit, FIT (full-body intensity training); roll, release, and recover; and dynamic core conditioning.
• Catch all your favourite NFL teams in the Pub as they battle it out on the road to Superbowl LIV, February 2, 2020.
• Did you know your Club has a secret menu? Ask your server for details, and you might be surprised by what is available.

I look forward to continued growth and prosperity for you and the Club in the months to come. I look forward to seeing you around the Club in the weeks ahead.

Joe Corea
Terminal City Club President