Terminal City Times – November

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Dr Cheung – President


It seems that Fall has arrived with gusto, bringing some record-breaking low temperatures for this time of year. Nonetheless, I’m hoping that those cool, cycle-friendly mornings turn into sunny, patio-friendly afternoons for a few more weeks to come. And fortunately, the cooling trend has not extended into our business forecast. Member Events like Wine Tastings, pop-up Menus, and Gourmet Dinners have continued to gather momentum and are regularly selling out. Thank you for helping to make these events into the vibrant gatherings they are. Our regular outlets – 1892, The Grill, Cuvee, the Lions Pub, and now also the Members’ Lounge – are also being kept busy, so I encourage you to reserve ahead if you have a particular outlet in mind for your next visit.

Fall is also the beginning of our new fiscal year. Turning our attentions to business, would like to provide an overview of the selection process that is undertaken each year to fill any vacant positions on the Terminal City Club Board of Directors. We don’t have many opportunities to talk about the process, but I believe it is an important thing for all of our members to be aware of, so please bear with me. First and foremost, it’s important to note that all TCC Board Members are volunteers, and do not receive any special compensations or discounts while they serve their term(s). In the past, for a member to be nominated to the Board, it may have been sufficient for that person to be a friend of a Director, or the President. However, in recent years the selection process has become more structured and consistent, with the goal of ensuring that our Board is always a well-balanced, optimally-functioning body that represents our members well. To support the selection process, near the end of each fiscal year he Board President forms a Nominating Committee which must include at least three Past Presidents and three current Board Directors. The Nominating Committee is responsible for seeking and vetting candidates for any open positions, using a list of specific criteria as well as a Skills Matrix. The Skills Matrix assists the Committee by providing a clear picture of the skills and characteristics represented by current board members, as well as any gaps that should be filled in order to maintain a well-balanced Board of Directors.

If elected, a member serves as a director for a term of two years. The performance of all directors is monitored by the Governance Committee and the Nominating Committee with respect to attendance, participation, and overall contribution. Those directors who do not meet a standard of attendance, participation, and contribution will either be asked to resign, or will not be re-nominated for the following term.

Club members are encouraged to indicate their volunteer candidacy for any board vacancies by contacting the club’s General Manager, who acts as the Secretary to the Nominating Committee. I am pleased to inform you that this year, 18 members have put their names on the candidate list, which is now closed. This is our largest ever number of potential candidates, and is a great reflection of the engagement of our members.

For the coming fiscal year (2019/20), there is one vacancy on the board, as Mr. Ron Miller, Past President, will step off the board after nine years of service. The Nominating Committee is in the process of narrowing down a list of suitable candidates for this vacancy, from those who volunteered. Key selection criteria includes academic or professional qualifications, professional achievements, availability (ie; able to attend and participate at an appropriate level), and skills to complement the current Skills Matrix.

At our coming Annual General Meeting, to be held on Tuesday, December 10 at 10 a.m., the Nominating Committee will present the slate of nominees for shareholding members in attendance to vote on. Also at the AGM, I shall present a summary of our financial position, and what has been achieved at the club this year. Please attend this important event, if you are able. You can register online or with Member Services.

Back to Member Services and all the things that make our club fun – there is lots on the schedule in the coming weeks, including:

  • TCC’s signature gala event on November 2. This year’s theme is Vegas: Then and Now. Get your ball gown or black tie ready for this spectacular all-inclusive night featuring remarkable food, incredible décor, and amazing entertainment. Tickets always sell out, so if you don’t have yours yet, get moving!
  • Our Holiday Social on Tuesday, November 26 is always a member favourite, and for a great cause.
  • The Golden Whisk Competition (also known as the Battle of the Chefs) is a special Gourmet Dinner where you take centre stage as the judge. It’s a tough job, but selecting the winner of this four-course gourmet meal on Friday, November 29 might be the best work you do this year!
  • I look forward to seeing you at one of these events, and our AGM on December 10.



Dr. Ignatius Cheung
Terminal City Club President