Copeman Corner: Overcoming 6 Common Barriers to Healthy Lifestyle Change

Despite our best intentions to quit smoking, lose weight, or exercise as part of our New Year’s resolutions, we often fall by the wayside by the time February hits.

This is because the barriers to successful change are deep-rooted and difficult to overcome. To help get you started, here are the 6 biggest barriers to change, and some tips to overcome them:

1. Time. It is important to prioritize time to make room for new, healthier habits.
Make a point of creating time in your life for meaningful change.

2. Habits. Habits help decrease anxiety. Start slow and seek the support you need
to commit to a new course of action.

3. Consequences. Every decision made during a busy day has a consequence.
Gain confidence to start putting yourself first, and be willing to accept those
consequences that will actually improve your overall health and well-being.

4. Confidence & Knowledge. It is tough to make healthy changes when you don’t
know how or don’t feel comfortable. Seek the help of experts to identify the most
appropriate health pathway for you!

5. Adequate Support. Strong support networks are key for any successful
outcome. Look to friends & family to help you on your journey or subscribe
to a professional support network that is dedicated to your success.

6. Anxiety & Depression. If you feel hopeless and stressed out on a daily basis,
the energy and commitment it takes for positive change just won’t be available.
Mood changes are more common than you would imagine, and can stand in the
way of recognition and insight related to unhealthy behaviours. Seek support, seek
knowledge, and gain confidence!

Dr. Beth Donaldson, Family Physician and Medical Director at Copeman Healthcare
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