Member Profile: Ron Miller

We Are Excited to Introduce Terminal City Club’s President of the Board, Mr. Ron Miller!


Can you please share a bit about yourself and your background?
I am a Chartered Professional Accountant and a previous Chartered Business Valuator. I am a Partner at MNP CPAs. I started in the restaurant industry and then proceeded to take and finish the Hospitality and Tourism Program at BCIT. While taking the course, I excelled in accounting and economics. An accounting professor once told me that I should become a Chartered Accountant. Of course I didn’t know what that was. So I went to SFU, completed a business degree and then went on to PWC (Coopers & Lybrand at the time) to become a Chartered Accountant. In 1990 I completed the Uniform Final Exam and became a Chartered Accountant. At that time I needed to do something different. So I took a leave from the accounting profession and joined the Canadian Army. I soon became an Artillery Officer. Becoming an Artillery Officer certainly helped push my career along as it promoted leadership and provided the tough requisite skills to get a job done.

What would you say is your biggest personal or professional success to date?
After being a Partner in a CA firm at a very young age, I then joined the public company sector as a Chief Financial Officer of a large multi-national plastics company. This position and company allowed me the opportunity to travel the world, experience different work and legal environments, and learn how to deal and negotiate with different cultures. When I originally joined the company it was a relatively small entity with operations only in Western Canada. I participated in and managed the M&A section that included acquiring manufacturing companies in the US, Africa, Europe, and the Eastern Bloc Countries. Consummating deals in the old Soviet Union and Africa were very enjoyable and rewarding. I was the original Managing Partner of the firm in Vancouver that merged with MNP. I remained the Managing Partner of MNP for a number of years after the merger. I like to think that I was a strong participant in building MNP’s presence and brand recognition in Vancouver.

Can you tell us something about your industry that most people don’t know, or that you wish they knew?
I don’t like talking about auditing or accounting!

What motivates you?
I am motivated to assist people and companies to overcome challenges. This is not something you would ordinarily expect of an accountant or auditor. But companies always experience challenges in the regulatory world with proper and full disclosure in their financial statements and other disclosure documents. There is always a fine balance between too much information and proper disclosure. It is always a pleasure when I can assist a client to get through regulatory hurdles, tax intricacies, and normal everyday business challenges. When I don’t have an independence issue with clients, I also enjoy working with companies in their acquisitions and growth phases.

What is your vision for success in your own life?
Success is, at the end of the day, when you know you have done a good job for your clients. They appreciated your assistance, and you provided a good living for your family.

How do you spend your time when you need to relax?
When I need to relax in the summer, I golf and hike; in the winter, I ski. I played hockey for many years but just stopped last year due to an injury. I especially enjoy spending a day skiing with my two teenage daughters, when they let me.

Why did you become a member of Terminal City Club?
I jointed TCC mainly to meet other business people, make new friends, and have a place to hang out when I was downtown. Prior to my firm merging with MNP in 2010, my office was located in Burnaby.

What have you enjoyed the most about the Club so far?
My greatest enjoyment at the Club has been meeting some exceptional people and making great friends. Being a member of the Board of the TCC for the past eight years has provided me the opportunity to experience the management of a business with the flair of a Club. It’s always a challenge to ensure the financial longevity of the Club but also to ensure that members realize a first class experience at a reasonable price. Of course, I have met most of my friends and colleagues at the Fitness Centre. Sergio and his team really know how to make you feel welcome.

Do you have advice for our younger TCC members trying to make their way in the world?
The Club is a great place to mingle and meet new people. It is also a great place to bring colleagues, associates, and future business contacts. The Club personnel go out of their way to ensure you feel the importance and belonging of a first class business club. Networking and building contacts and relationships is one of the cornerstones of success in business; Terminal City Club is one of the best avenues on your road to success.


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