Feature Member of the Month: David Beck

By Michaela Corr, Club Relationship Manager
If you are one of our long standing members, you may recall a young boy wondering the halls of the old building, from time to time, waiting for his parents to finish their meal in The Grill. That same boy joins us today, as a TCC member himself, for just shy of 20 years, and soon-to-be proposed President and Chairman of the Board in 2016. The Beck family has held Club memberships since the 1970’s and have significantly contributed to the growth and success of what our Club is today. We are honoured to welcome the third Mr. Beck as the 2016 proposed President of Terminal City Club.

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What is your first memory of TCC?
[DB] My First memory would have been going to the dining room of the old Club as a child of about 9 or 10. Everyone was very friendly – David probably looked after us, the restaurant manager would have been hovering around to make sure everything was first class, and Charlene & Nick would have been there to make sure there was no shortage of wine for my parents. Undoubtedly at that age, the highlight from my perspective would have been the table side preparation of the Banana Flambe or the Cherries Jubilee for dessert.

We are very grateful for your continued support as a member of our Board of Directors and are very excited to welcome you as the new Club President in 2016. Why did you originally decide to join the Board at TCC?
[DB] Our family has a long history at the Club with many fond memories. My father and cousin are past presidents. When a position became available on the Board, I was honoured to be asked and offer whatever positive input I could.

Over the years that you have been a member, how has the Club evolved? Any particular examples you would like to share?
[DB] I joined the Club in 1997 about a year after the new building opened. I would say one of the most significant changes at the Club would be the member demographics and needs. Each board conducts surveys and member focus groups that help steer the direction of the Club. For example, the last survey conducted showed a strong desire for a business centre. Once finances permitted, and thanks to the generous sponsorship from Heritage Office Furnishings, a business centre was added to our Club amenities. The TCC Board does a fantastic job at listening to our members and doing everything possible to implement actions that cater to their needs. We are thrilled to be moving into stage two of the three staged upgrade to improve The Grill patio space, enhancing the overall ‘clubiness’ of on one of our greatest assets – outside terrace space.

As President of TCC and Chair of the Board, what are a couple of your measures for success next year?
[DB] A few years ago the board took the decision to work within a five year strategic plan. Within the strategic plan, the focus was narrowed to three key areas: Membership (attraction and retention), Financial Sustainability, and “Clubiness”. The three key areas are all inter-related… the more members we have, the greater financial stability we have and the better our finances are. The better our finances are, the more we can invest in member enjoyment and enhance overall Clubiness. The more our members enjoy the club the more member referrals we’ll receive, putting us in positive upward cycle. Last year was a tremendously successful year for the Club, so this year the plan is to stay on course and keep the strong momentum going!

What do you love most about TCC? What does a typical day at the Club look like for you?
[DB] It’s hard to pick one thing I love the most abut TCC. To name a few – the events, meals, affiliate club network are all great. I think what I love most though is that when you come to the Club, staff (Sheila, Amy and Owen, to name a few) and fellow members make you feel welcome. There’s a special feeling of belonging when you’re a member of TCC.

What TCC family event does the Beck Family never miss?
[DB] I have young kids so we never miss the Dickens Brunch and Easter Brunch. These events have become family traditions of ours that we look forward to every year.

What is something about yourself you would like to share with your fellow members?
[DB] In 2000, I proposed to my wife at the Club…thankfully, she said yes! ■