Featured Member of the Month: Carla Wood

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One of our newer members, Carla Wood has found that Terminal City Club has exceeded her expectations. Carla is an entrepreneur with her own company, ALL Strategy, which started in 2002. This is a support service based business, which, through strategic consulting, she will establish a daily strategy plan. Her company moves you to the next level of success, integrating strategy into all your daily decisions. So successful is her company, she will be opening an office in Toronto in the near future.

In between meetings here at the Club, Carla met with me in the Members’ Lounge:

[NB] How do you use the Club?

[CW] Client meetings and networking opportunities. This is my third place. We live in Fairview area and I can hop on the Skytrain and be at the Club in minutes having a place to meet my clients and new clients as well as network with members to expand my sphere of influence is truly what I use the club for.

[NB] What is your favourite event or room at the Club?

[CW] Cuvée is my favourite room and this is where I bring clients. I find it has a good atmosphere to engage in conversation.

[NB] Do you have a favourite dish from the restaurant(s)?

[CW] Yes, I have three favourite dishes from The Grill – the Butternut Squash Soup, the Roasted Beet salad and the Niçoise Salad – delicious.

[NB] What do you enjoy about Terminal City Club?

[CW] I can come into the Club and have back-to-back meetings without leaving the building. If needed, I can go to the Library and use the printer. My office is 100% paperless, yet, once-in-awhile a client prefers a paper copy. Then, back to a meeting.

Today, I also have a parcel being dropped off for me here at the Club, which is convenient.

I attend the monthly Women’s Networking lunch and usually bring a guest. This has been a wonderful event to meet other members.

[NB]Is there anything else you would like to share?

[CW] I am expanding my usage of the Club as I have been speaking to Barry in the Fitness Centre about squash. I think I am going to start this. This has a nice social group component as well.

Besides my work focus, I do bring my husband and two boys, ages two and five years of age, in for dinner. Julian loves the little burgers and the apples sliced in circles. We have come in for the Pasta Night and the Sunday dinners – all delicious.

[NB] What are your interests outside of work and the Club?

[CW] My time with my family is precious. I enjoy our fun family adventures. We ski as a family. As well, I have started tennis again. Personally, I enjoy eating good food and having great wine with friends.

[NB] Do you have any charities you support?

[CW] Yes, ALL Strategy has generosity alliances with Dress for Success. We coach the Executive Director. I also donate my time as a mentor with Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE). My company also has a generosity alliance with to the Artisan Church, in downtown Vancouver.

Enjoy meeting Carla at a Women’s Networking Lunch! Thank you Carla!