Member of the Month – Nathan Wawruck


Can you please share a bit about yourself and your background?
I was born just up the street at St. Paul’s Hospital and raised in Vancouver, which these days seems to be a rarity. My first job ever was testing video games like FIFA, NBA, NHL, and Need for Speed at Electronic Arts in 1995, which opened my eyes to world of software and technology. I also worked in software localization, speech and audio, and marketing while at EA.

In 2003, I embarked on an adventure to go and live in Fukuoka, Japan. My hope was that it would eventually bring me closer to finding work at a Japanese videogame company, but I also had my black belt in karate and wanted to take my practice to the next level. Interestingly enough, I was approached by a headhunter to become a tech recruiter, so I ended up moving to Tokyo and staying in Japan for six years. I also met my wife during this time, so needless to say, my foray into Japan really changed my life in a positive way! We moved back to Vancouver in 2009, and I continued working in recruitment as a consultant in the Vancouver tech sector.

I also volunteer with Vancouver Technology Leaders, a great non-profit organization dedicated to networking and professional development for IT leaders of all levels, and have been helping to organize meet-up events for about six years now.

What motivates you?
I get a real rush from speaking with other people. I think that is one of the big reasons I love TCC is because there is always someone around to chat with. It is also the reason that I enjoy being a headhunter. I get my motivation from hearing the stories of others.

What is your vision for success in your own life?
Generally, I would say that I am a creature of habit, and I like to have a routine. I feel most successful when I’m balancing family, exercise, and work, throughout the week.

How do you spend your time when you need to relax?
Whenever possible, I like to be outdoors. In the winter I get up to the local mountains for skiing/snowboarding, and in the summer I like cycling, swimming, and the beach. Hanging out with my kids is a great way to forget about the “real world” too.

Why did you become a member of Terminal city Club?
I was introduced by my long-time friend Duncan Gibson, and I am very thankful.

What have you enjoyed the most about the Club?
First of all it is a great place to bring clients for thank-you lunches. Then I discovered the fitness centre, which is where I spend even more of my time now. TCC is definitely my escape from the hustle and bustle.

Do you have advice for our younger TCC members trying to make their way in the world?
Well, I am still figuring out a lot of stuff myself. But I can say with certainty, that having a good, supportive network of people is essential for success. Especially in Vancouver, the business community is quite small, and we’re all just one or two degrees apart from each other. So take the time to connect with people, and to stay in contact. A coffee or a beer goes a long way