Terminal City Times – July 2018

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Dear Fellow Members,

Summer is finally here and we have already passed the longest day of the year. TCC is exceptional at helping us celebrate these long summer days. As you are hopefully aware, we have great BBQs, patio parties, and the amenities to just let you hang out and enjoy the weather. Make sure you visit the Lions Pub for an overwhelming offering of World Cup Soccer. It seems to be the venue in Vancouver to watch all of the games.

There have been some recent indoor events that also showed off our Club. Thanks to all of you who came out to enjoy an incredible evening and support an important cause at the Zajac Nights “New York, New York” Gala. There are few events in the city that match the scope and creativity of this one, and we are proud to have hosted it again for the third year. Of smaller scope, but still plenty of fun, summer at TCC kicked off with a memorable Father’s Day BBQ buffet, followed by the first Dog Days of Summer (which I must confess is my personal favourite: a high-end hot-dog event for adults!). I truly hope the 200 members and guests who attended our annual Slide into Summer Social enjoyed themselves.

The lazy days of summer may be upon us, but there is no shortage of regularly scheduled seasonal events at the Club, including the weekly BBQ lunch buffet in The Grill (Wednesdays), BBQ Dinner al Fresco (Thursdays), and evenings with drink specials and local DJ (Fridays) throughout July and August. On top of that, join us on the gorgeous Fitness Centre Patio for Happy Hour specials throughout the week and a second Dog Days on July 17. Look forward to educational sessions throughout the month, including Pinot Camp, a bubbles tasting, and a special Members’ Wine Tasting with Vanessa Vineyards. Watch your email, or check in with Member Services for the details on these events and more.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Club. It’s great to see so many members out enjoying events of all kinds. I am especially grateful to those of you who see the opportunity to bring your friends and colleagues, as many of them have enjoyed their experience enough to inquire about membership, and of course that is the lifeblood of a sustainable Club. I hope you will continue to enjoy everything that TCC has to offer, and I look forward to seeing you on one of our patios soon.



Ron Miller

Terminal City Club President