Terminal City Times – June 2018

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Dear Fellow Members,

We are approaching the end of our third fiscal quarter. The Club’s activities and financial position are still very strong. Recently, your board of directors and the Club executive completed its strategic planning session for the coming year. Believe it or not, a great deal of thought and attention goes into ensuring that the Club maintains its reputation, services, facilities and financial well-being long into the future.

The planning session was an energetic and productive day, and I am happy to share a few of the key outcomes that we will move forward on during the coming fiscal year:

– Plans for enhancements to the Members’ Lounge/Billiard Room. Don’t worry, it will still have billiard tables, just not as many! But this is a large, under-utilized space, with great potential to be more engaging to a wider spectrum of both members and guests. Our goal is to make the renewed Billiards Room a place that members will want to congregate, meet with other members and guests and have a great experience. We want the room to be a destination rather than a stopping off point to meet in other areas. Our plans, subject to change of course, will include luxurious seating and social tables, with the addition of individual wine lockers.

– Improved phone areas throughout the Club, to allow members and guests to respect Club policy regarding the use of cell phones, but still stay in touch with external commitments as/when needed. We recognize that the use of cell phones is necessary in today’s business climate, but we also have to be very respectful of other members rights to enjoy privacy and sometimes tranquility.

– Development of a “roadmap” and timeline for subscription rate increases, as we near 1,892 shareholding members. Our strategy quite a few years ago was to grow the membership base to a level that the Club could comfortably accommodate and improve our finances. To get there we dramatically reduced our subscription rates. This strategy was very successful and enabled us to grow the membership to a level very close to our objective. We plan to increase the subscription rates close to our old rates over the next two years.

– Development of a long-range strategy for Capital Reserve spending. Again, quite a few years ago we implemented the Capital Reserve Fund. This fund was created to ensure that our facilities and infrastructure would be well maintained. We monitor this reserve every year to ensure that it is well funded and capable of financing any planned or unplanned repairs or improvements.

We would also like to thank to all of our Members who responded to the recent Annual Member Survey, as well as to the fellow Board members and the executive staff who participated in the planning session. All of these inputs were valuable and served as a basis for our discussion and outcomes. To paraphrase the Cheshire Cat, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Fortunately, these sessions enabled us to update and build on our strategic plan, keeping us on the path to enhance our Club in a way that is thoughtful and meaningful.

Although not a specific “outcome” of the planning session, a continued focus on quality, consistency, and service has also been a key discussion point in all departments, with respect to all areas of the Club. Our board of directors and staff strive to continually build on our strengths and improve the member experience, so that your Club visit is the best 90 minutes of your day. I encourage you to share your experience at
feedback@tcclub.com, whether you have an observation or suggestion for improvement; or also if a team member (or your experience) exceeds your expectations.

There are a great deal of exciting events happening at the Club as we move into the patio season:

– Think of hosting your family or co-workers for a BBQ? Private BBQ parties are available – check out the package available online at tcclub.com.

– Reserve now for our Father’s Day BBQ Dinner Buffet, on Sunday, June 17. Make this one barbeque that Dad doesn’t have to work at!

– Happy Hour continues. Wind up the day and enjoy $5 featured wine or beer, Mondays to Fridays, from 2 – 5 p.m. in Cuvée and 3:30 – 5 p.m. on Fitness Centre Patio.

– Watch your emails for other member events, including a Winemaker’s Dinner, our Slide into Summer Event, and Games Night – all coming soon.

– It’s never too soon to get a golf tournament onto your calendar, so start warming up your foursome for the annual Terminal City Club tournament, taking place on Monday, September 24 at Point Grey Golf & Country Club. Proceeds will benefit the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation.

Spring and summer are beautiful seasons to enjoy your membership to the fullest, and also to introduce your friends and colleagues to all the benefits that the Terminal City Club has to offer. I encourage you to take advantage of this early Spring to bring your guests and enjoy a workout, a patio table, or the view from a window.

May there be many sunny days ahead for all of us to enjoy! I look forward to seeing you around the Club.


Ron Miller

Terminal City Club President