Terminal City Times – February 2018

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Dear Fellow Members,

I am just a couple of months into my term as your Club President, and am therefore very humbled to have the duty of announcing a significant honour that our Club has recently earned. In January, Terminal City Club was named one of the Top 100 City Clubs in the Platinum Clubs of the World 2018-19 election, conducted by the Club Leaders Forum. This is a coveted designation within the Member Club industry, and I know I can speak for all our members in extending thanks and congratulations to our TCC staff for pursuing and winning this honour. Special thanks also to TCC member Wayne Moriarty for completing the submission from a member perspective. There are several criteria upon which the award is based, but one criteria is “quality of membership,” so a nod of recognition goes to each of you as well.

Speaking of awards and recognition, TCC’s annual Staff Party took place in January. At that time, some of our most distinguished staff were recognized for their achievements. Congratulations to Cole Trowbridge who was awarded Employee of the Year for 2017. Cole brings an amazing amount of energy and commitment to our culinary team. Congratulations also to Jean-Louis Carrier and Keith White, who were recognized for 15 years of service and Gemma Cabero, Moises De Vera, Salvador Gonzales, Laura McLachlan, and Helen Said for 10 years of service at Terminal City Club. These individuals are key part of the member experience here at TCC, and we appreciate the consistent contributions they have made over the years.

As you may have guessed from the preceding paragraphs, the first quarter of this fiscal year has been a strong one. Business has been steady, and membership continues to grow. Thanks to all of you who have introduced and/or referred friends or colleagues to the Club in recent months. We are nearing 1892 shareholding members, which means that there is only a limited time to join at current subscription rates. Our Board of Directors will likely authorize a subscription rate increase once we reach 1892 shareholding members, so if you have friends or acquaintances who have been stuck in winter lethargy, tell them to shake it off and join now! Once those patios open, they may have missed their chance…

February may not be the most inspiring month outside, but there are some lovely events to look forward to inside.

– This weekend, on Saturday February 3, the annual Terminal City Club Father-Daughter Gala takes place. As a father with two daughters, I can tell you that this is a fun way to create priceless memories. I can also tell you that the window of opportunity doesn’t last forever; at some point, life just gets in the way. The same applies to daughters bringing their dads. Take this chance to spend some quality time and give dad something to brag about.

– Reminder: Wednesday, February 14 is Valentine’s Day! TCC gives you lots of ways to make the day special. Pre-order your TCC Chocolates, join us for Happy Hour in Cuvée, or make a reservation for a relaxed yet elegant Valentine’s Day dinner in 1892. Want to make the night extra special with bouquet and a chilled bottle of Champagne, tableside? Ask Member Services for more details. Whatever your approach, make sure to plan ahead and come out looking like a star!

– The list of regularly-occurring events (like wine tastings, Gourmet Dinners, squash socials, happy hours, and more) is too long to include here, so be sure to have a look at our Events Calendar and your TCC Club event emails.

As we move forward in 2018, our Board of Directors is paying particular attention to opportunities to create the most engaging club experience we can. The completion of our front entrance area renovations is one step in this direction, but we are happy to hear other ideas you may have. You can always email General Manager Peter Jackman at gm@tcclub.com with your thoughts, or stop to chat next time you see me around the Club. I look forward to seeing you soon.


Ron Miller
Terminal City Club President


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