Terminal City Times – August 2017

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Grant Weaver

Here we are, already deep into the full bloom of summer. I hope you have been blessed with many opportunities to enjoy the magnificence of this season on the coast. To those of you who are assisting family, friends, and neighbours as they cope with the extraordinary wildfires not far from here, I applaud and thank you. Circumstances such as these always serve to amplify our gratitude for our own day-to-day lives.

If you need to take the pulse of your own gratitude level, there’s no place like a Terminal City Club patio to do it. Bring a friend, choose a seat, take in the view, savour a delicious meal or an icy drink, and practice living in the moment. Often we have no way of knowing what tomorrow will bring, so make sure to allocate a bit of your busy week to enjoying today.

Of course, assuming all goes as planned, tomorrow does have lots of good things in store. One of the most exciting is the unveiling of a new way that one TCC family has chosen to support the Club. On behalf of the Board, my very great thanks to the Skidmore family for their generous gift. To commemorate this gift, the President’s Room at Terminal City Club will be officially renamed the “Skidmore Room.” Look for the new plaque outside the room in coming weeks. And as always, the new Skidmore Room will be a fantastic venue for hosting personal or corporate events.

Also on the horizon are a host of excellent social events:

– The best play date ever this summer is TCC’s inaugural Family Pool Party on August 12
– Come hungry for an incredible selection of artisanal sausages and toppings at the Dog Days of Summer on August 15
– A truly special opportunity for 20 kids to join a Whitecaps FC player and coach for soccer drills, August 29
– Join other daring members for an Epic Rafting Adventure Day on September 9
– TCC’s annual golf tournament on September 25 at Point Grey Golf & Country Club is a benefit event in support of the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation
– Bond is Back on November 4; don’t miss our annual gala!

A brief reminder of some Club policies that remain in effect and important to your fellow members and guests to follow: mobile devices must be set on silent; talking on cellphones is permitted in the Business Centre, phone rooms, lobby areas, and Fitness Centre lounge only. Texting and emailing on silent is okay. This policy applies to all our members and guests, so please ensure that if you need to use your mobile for a call, you do so only in the permitted areas.

My sincere thanks to all our members for their continued support to help grow our membership. If you know of any friends or co-workers looking to join Terminal City Club please reach out to our team.

I look forward to seeing you around the Club in the coming weeks.




Grant Weaver
Club President