Terminal City Times – March 2017

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Grant Weaver
I’m amazed at how quickly this fiscal year is rolling by. It’s hard to believe that we are approaching the end of the second quarter already. I’m pleased to report that one of our major goals – membership growth – continues to be steady and on track. My thanks to our current members, who deserve much credit for this success. Many of you have leveraged our special 2017 Member Referral offer to engage your personal networks, and this is much appreciated. (For those who are not aware, our Member Referral offer is worth looking at. For each Resident or Corporate member who is referred to our Membership team and subsequently joins the Club, both the new member and the referring member – you – will each receive a $250 credit to your TCC account.) A reminder that this special offer and the accompanying promotional subscription rate for new members will only be in place until we have reached 1,892 shareholding members.

Speaking of our current members, a hearty congratulations to those of you who have just completed our annual 45-Day Fitness Challenge. I know this is no small feat, and hope that you enjoyed the process, and perhaps have even formed a positive new habit. If nothing else, perhaps you are as inspired as I am by the incredible and energizing view of the mountains from our Fitness Centre. As the saying goes, “whatever works!”

As you know, member experience is also something that is always top-of-mind for our board and staff. Positive updates will continue to unroll over the next few months. You received information last month about the changes being implemented in our parkade, in order to provide a smoother and more efficient entry and exit process. Please see the complete parking overview on page 2 of this newsletter for additional details.

An equally salient change coming up this month is a major update to the lobby, including permanent installation of our Member Wall near the Club elevators. I’m excited about the final results, which I believe is a significant improvement to the Club’s first impression for you and your guests. As part of this work, carpeting throughout the Club will be replaced. (This is the last reparation from the 2014 flood damage.) All of the work will be done mainly in the evenings and at night. We expect the impact on members to be minimal, but thank you in advance for your patience during any temporary limitations to access or service.

Of course during these changes, you can still expect all the regular Club events, including:

– Last call for tickets to Magic in the Moonlight, TCC’s annual Father Daughter Gala, coming up on March 4. Fathers and daughters of all ages are welcome to frolic around the ballroom for a great evening of dancing, delicious food, and fun under the stars!
– The Gourmet Dinner series. The March series, “Spring is in the air”, promises to be a foodie’s dream. These evenings are an incredible experience, great value, and always sell out, so be sure to reserve early. And, sommelier Christopher McFadden will select the perfect wine pairings that you can add to your reservation to complete the experience.
– Don’t forget about on-going events like the Members’ Wine Tastings, Friday Night Live music in Cuvée, and the Squash Socials. If you have never tried these events, you are missing out on a great way to make the most of your membership!

Finally, as I mentioned, the permanent Member Wall has been installed as part of a major lobby refresh. I know that for many of us, the Terminal City Club has become a home-away-from-home, an office-out-of-the-office, and/or simply a way to bring balance to life through fitness, social interaction, and having a place to belong. I encourage you to consider purchasing a spot on the Member Wall, as a way to contribute to and leave your mark on an organization that has played an important role in your life and to help us make improvements to the member experience. For example, the proceeds from the sale of the plaques were used to facilitate the outside terrace which so many of you enjoyed last summer. We plan to make it even better next summer. For more details or to purchase a plaque, please speak to any of our Member Services team. Proceeds from the wall will be used to further enhance your member experience.

That’s all for now. Although winter has been holding on with quite a grip this year, enjoy the cherry blossoms that are sure to open in the weeks ahead! I look forward to seeing you around the Club soon.

Grant Weaver
Club President