Terminal City Times – December 2016

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Straight off the top, some year-end thanks and congratulations are in order:

– Thank you to all 800+ members and guests who made our recent Scandal gala an absolutely amazing event! What a way to top off a great year – the dance floors were jammed, interest and intrigue were in abundance, and your energy was incredible.

– Congratulations to Christine Palichuk on her winning the Golden Whisk, earned at the Club’s November Gourmet Dinner. Christine presented a fantastic Chocolate Dome with a Mango Curd Raspberry Sorbet, which members in attendance enjoyed immensely. This completes the Gourmet Dinner Series for 2016, but we kick it off again in January.

– Thanks to all members and Terminal City Club staff who have supported this year’s Christmas event at Admiral Seymour Elementary School. For the past five years, TCC has been honoured to serve a turkey lunch on-site at the school, and provide each student with a small Christmas gift. It’s a very special occasion for everyone involved, and you make it possible.

– And finally, thanks to all members who supported the CKNW Orphans Fund Pledge Day, recently hosted here at TCC. This is a great opportunity to showcase our Club, but more importantly it’s a phenomenal day in support of kids in need. This year’s event raised $1.5 million for a total of $5.3 million over the past three years.

These are just some of the recent highlights of what has been an excellent year. I invite you to hear more about the Club’s fiscal status and future plans at this year’s Annual General Meeting, taking place on Monday, December 12 at 10 a.m.

Looking forward, I know that special moments like these will continue into the new year. Particularly because 2017 is the 125th anniversary of Terminal City Club. What better excuse for year-long celebration? Throughout the year there will be special events highlighting various aspects of our Club’s rich history.

– You can get a first glimpse on page 6 as Past President Alan Thompson shares some of his memories and reflects on the changes and progress of TCC over the years.

– Early in the new year, the Club will officially launch the Member Wall as a visual commemoration of our 125-year history. The temporary first-phase wall has been up in the elevator foyer for several months, but you can see a rendering of the permanent wall on page 6. Long-time members will recognize TCC’s old building in the background. Member names will be etched on glass plates overlaying the image. All proceeds from the Member Wall will be used to enhance the Club’s facilities. (For information on purchasing your plaque please contact Member Services desk.)

Wrapping up the year often entails taking pause to reflect on progress, celebrate a job well done, and plan for the future. I invite you to use your TCC membership to help do this with style. The Club is the perfect place to host friends, colleagues, clients, or family for year-end celebrations.

On a personal note, it’s time for me to move into the role of Past President. I have been honoured to act as your Club President over the past year, and extend my sincere thanks to our enthusiastic and tireless GM, Peter Jackman, our fantastic staff and you, our members. Your support and involvement has made for a successful year at the Club, and a very enjoyable tenure for me personally. I look forward to many more years at the Club.

David Beck
Terminal City Club President

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