Feature Member of the Month: Kendra Sivertson

From performing arts, to women studies, to financial planning, Kendra Sivertson, certified financial planner and owner of Perspektiv Financial, brings a whole new set of skills and knowledge to the Vancouver workforce and to TCC. As we approach Kendra’s one year member anniversary, she sits down with us to tell us more about her life in and outside of the Club.


Can you please share a bit about yourself and your professional background?

[KS] I grew up wanting to be an actor. In fact, I was accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA and New York after graduating high school. In the end, I ended up only studying acting my first year at York University in Toronto (which in my opinion is the best city to live during your 20’s). I then switched my majors to English and Women’s Studies for the remaining portion of my first degree. Upon completing my under graduate degree, due to my age, I was told I had to “kill time” before I could start an MBA program. I started to work at a credit union, where I realized I really enjoyed the business of money and talking to people about their financial life. I decided to continue to work in the financial field while I studied to earn my credentials and designations. I worked alongside a financial advisor during the dot-com crash and learned a lot from the experience. It was after that I decided to take the independent route and started working for myself as a financial advisor.

What would you say is your biggest professional success to date?
[KS]My decision to become independent, regardless of the many challenges I faced as a young female in the financial sector. I am proud of where I am today in my career having celebrated many successful years of owning and operating Perspektiv Financial.

What attracted you to the finance industry?
[KS] The ability to be independent and find success on my own. I don’t think I would have chosen this career path if independence hadn’t been an option. I also get to incorporate my love for acting and entrepreneurialism as I work primarily with people within the film industry and business owners. As a financial planner, I get to help people understand things and help couples understand each other. Men and women have very different ways of approaching money. It’s very rewarding to help partners realise that, although, their financial choices along the way may differ, they are (usually) both reaching towards the same end goal.

What helped lead you to your success??
[KS] I definitely don’t give up easily, and I always ask for help. You can learn a lot from those around you, so don’t ever be afraid to ask others for help along the way. I think my people skills have definitely played a part in getting me to where I am today in my career. The ability to develop strong relationships with people and gain their trust is key in my line of work. The other part is that I enjoy continuing to study and learn new things about my industry and how it is changing.

How do you spend your time outside of work?
[KS] I spend my time outside of work enjoying Vancouver! I cycle, rollerblade and hike regularly. Although my friends continue to remind me that I can’t call it “hiking” if I only stick to zero incline trails. I love trying new restaurants around the city with friends and family, and attending regular events at the Club!

As we approach your one year anniversary at the Club, can you describe your experience so far as a member of TCC?
[KS] The whole experience so far has been great. I was surprised just how friendly and welcoming people are at the Club, both the members and the staff. I have met so many people, and enjoy that the people I see at the fitness centre are the same people at the women’s networking lunch and the same people attending the wine tasting events. You get to know people very quickly here at TCC.

When you first joined TCC, what enticed you the most about membership at our Club? Do you feel the same today?
[KS] The fitness centre was my initial draw to TCC. I had been looking for a nice gym close to work where I could work out in a friendly environment and meet other likeminded professionals – a private club with a fitness centre was exactly what I was looking for. Since joining, I have definitely seen the social value from my membership. I had joined with the intention of meeting new people so I promised myself I would attend as many social events as I could over the first few months to meet as many other members as I could. I didn’t expect to enjoy them so much that I would continue to attend every event possible. Since joining, I have only missed one Women’s Networking Lunch – a great event to meet other female members at the Club

One of our membership goals at TCC is to increase the number of female members so we have an equal representation of both men and women. What would you say to a woman considering joining TCC? Do you have any suggestions on ways the Club can better engage women?
[KS]Well, when I was considering membership, I remember feeling concerned as a single women that I would attend events and be one of the few females in the room. It didn’t take long for me to learn that this wasn’t the case here at TCC. There are many other women, just like me, who also want to attend these events and meet their fellow female members. I have made many new friends over this last year as a result of the events I have attended at the Club.

As for my suggestions, I would like to see more non-couple focused events at the Club. I love the idea of ‘clubs within the club’, whether it’s a running club or a book club or a whiskey club. Let’s bring members together through mutual interests. This may create opportunity for members to try new things and meet other members who may not normally cross each other’s paths at the Club.

What is one piece of advice you’ve learned through your success that you’d like to share with your fellow members?
[KS] Ask every person you meet how and why they do the things they do. You can learn a lot about someone through their answer.