Hush Wedding Soiree Vendor Spotlight: Flowerz

One of Terminal City Clubs personal favorites, Evan from Flowerz is back again! Can’t wait to see what he provides this year for Hush Wedding Soiree!

Tell us a little about yourself and your work

I have been working with flowers my entire life, and started the business in Vancouver 7 years ago. It all started with just working floral but now we are a full service decor+floral company. Our style ranges from modern and clean to avant guarde to refined classical. It always looks unique and you simply can’t mistake our work with anyone else’s. Keeping unique and leading with new looks has always been our forte. flowerz

What do you love about weddings?

The connection to people. We work lots of corporate gigs and the difference is massive. You can do all the best work you can but nobody is ever excited about it. On somebody’s special day you get to work with people that care about what the final look is and show it. A bride walking into a room and starts jumping or crying with excitement is an amazing reward. flowerz2

Do you have a favourite memory from working at Terminal City Club ?

So many memories throughout the years of doing weddings. One of my favourites has just happened lately. We have been working on one of our weddings and the bride and groom walked into the room. While the bride was jumping and screaming and being so excited about the look of her wedding, the groom walked in and had tears in his eyes and quietly cried, just looking at me and nodding “thank you”. This was a beautiful moment. flowerx

Can you give us any hints of what you will be bringing to Hush?

The only hint I will give is that it will be different from anyone else’s… flowerz3
What wedding planning tip would you give to an engaged couple?

To keep in check and remember that regardless of the stress they go through the main goal of this process is to end up getting married to the person they love. So many people lose sight of that in the process with all the pressure… 🙁 flowerz4Lastly, just for fun, what is something that not many people know about you? I am obsessed with music. Can listen to music from them moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep..Different styles from rock to pop to classical to Jazz to dance to electronic etc. Music has an amazing effect on the soul. Evan Orion