Hush Wedding Soiree Vendor Spotlight: Jamey McDonald

Jamey McDonald will be joining us this year for Hush Wedding Soiree! As one of the elite commissioners in Vancouver we are excited to have him!

Tell us a little about yourself and your work.

I was a clergyman for 30 years and have just recently retired. I ministered in two cities—Winnipeg (10 years) and North Vancouver (for the last 20 years). When I finished up I realized I had some gas left in the tank for some of the special parts of ministry life. So, I opened a very unique niche business called which is a service to perform wedding ceremonies for brides “in a refined and contemporary way”. I have close to 600 weddings under my belt so I bring some life experience mixed with a passion to seeing brides (and grooms) helped on their wedding day.

What do you love about weddings?

I love all the joy and excitement surrounding a wedding ceremony. There’s a buzz usually! The best part is when the bride starts coming down the aisle…the look in her eyes is usually magical. And when she gets to her groom and he “receives” is so emotional for me. Quite often I am crying too.

Do you have a favourite wedding memory?

We usually do a rehearsal the night before a wedding so it’s all thought through, but that doesn’t mean things go as planned. I remember one time when a groom was so excited (and impatient) that when his bride came down the aisle he broke out of his spot and rushed to her, threw a hug around her, and gave her a huge, deep kiss. It was unleashed passion! I had to remind him “whoa, cowboy…we got work to do before we go there”. Everybody howled in the crowd with that remark.

Can you give us any hints of what you will be bringing to Hush?

This Rev. McDonald guy is so much fun. He’s easy going, flexible, creative, and de-stressing. I think brides (and groom) will appreciate the vast background experience I bring to their ceremony. He’s creative AND classy.

What wedding planning tip would you give to an engaged couple?

Boy, I think there are so many things. But maybe the best tip I could give would be to encourage you to get a good photographer, and capture so many memories, and then, on your anniversary—review your wedding day photos. Re-live the memories.

Lastly, just for fun, what is something that not many people know about you?

Well, my greatest life satisfaction is that my wife and I were given 3 amazing daughters who have grown to become amazing women. All 3 are married and I didn’t do the ceremony of any of them. In all three cases I chose to be “father of the bride” and enjoy the day from that perspective (thank you Steve Martin, Martin Short, et al. You set a great example for me!).



Jamey McDonald