Monthly Archives: October 2014

Uno Langmann fine arts

By hotsoup | October 24, 2014

Uno Langmann was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1935.  He received an early introduction to art and antiques through his parents.  His mother was a painter and his father was an avid collector of antiques and passed this passion to his son.  Mr. Langmann showed this interest at the age of eight when he began Read More

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2015 Fall Fitness

By hotsoup | October 16, 2014

Fall is here and so are the holiday festivities and treats that we love so much. Don’t let the turkey feasts and Halloween candy stop your from enjoying you regular fitness routines! Join one of our fall programs to help you keep in shape this fall season! October & November Promotion In Perfect Balance Package Read More

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Featured Member of the Month: Martina Shapiro

By hotsoup | October 1, 2014

A TCC member for ten years, Martina Shapiro was an artist first, then became an engineer and finally returned to visual art again. Her ability to apply creativity in everything she does is overwhelmingly comforting in our fast paced way of life. Lucky for us, Martina will be conducting TCC’s first Creativity Workshop on October Read More

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