Get to know Fumiko Moreton!

We are thrilled to invite you to join us for a very special evening, featuring the legendary Culinary Team Canada. This team is comprised of gifted and dedicated Chefs from across our nation, including our very own Terminal City Club’s Pastry Chef, Fumiko Moreton. The team will be taking their talent to the test this coming November in Luxembourg for the international World Culinary Cup competition, a preliminary event for the IKA World Culinary Olympics in 2016. On September 9, Fumiko Moreton and the other members of Culinary Team Canada will give our members and guests an exclusive, pre-competition, taste of their specially designed four-course meal. Book early for this once in a life time opportunity!

A little about Fumiko Moreton!
After graduating from the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts at the top of her class, Fumiko began her culinary apprenticeship as a cook for the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel and Terminal City Club. She soon branched out into cake decorating and realized she had found her calling in the pastry arts. While obtaining her red seal, Fumiko won first place at several competitions for her desserts, including Calgary’s Lindt Chocolate Competition. Other major accomplishments include a silver medal for team Canada at the American Culinary Classic in Chicago in 2007, and gold and silver in 2008 and 2012 for Team BC at the IKA Culinary Olympics in Germany. A two year recipient of the Les Dame d’Escoffier Scholarship and a life-long learner, Fumiko has had the opportunity to work and learn from many award-winning Chefs such as Ewald Notter, Stephane Lerous & Jean-Pierre Wybauw. A new addition to the Culinary Team Canada, Fumiko plans to bring her best skills to the table at the World Cup Culinary competition and you can bet we will be cheering her on!