Considering Membership?


What is required to become a member at TCC?

What is the difference between the subscription and monthly dues?

What payment method is preferred for subscription and my monthly dues? Is there tax?

How is one elected to membership?

My friend and her husband are current members. Can they act as my Proposer and Seconder?

With a corporate membership, how many individuals can I name as representatives of the membership (elected nominees)?

The Non-Resident membership requires an annual fee versus monthly dues. Can I change to monthly payments versus annual?

Upon my death, or if I become unable to use my membership due to health or other personal reasons, am I able to transfer my membership to someone else?

Existing Member?


I am a resident/corporate member. Can I bring guests to the club?

What forms of payment do you accept at the club other than charging directly to my account?

My account is setup with my personal credit card; however I have a business lunch that I would like to charge on my corporate card. Can I do this?

Is there a cost for guests or affiliate club members to use the Fitness Centre?

I thought Terminal City Club used to have a hotel?

Who do I contact for information regarding Auberge Hotel Vancouver & the residential building?

Is there an advantage to prepaying all my dues upfront for the year?

I have a corporate membership and I would like to name a new representative as the primary member. How do I do this and is there a charge?

I am a member of TCC and would like my 18 year old son to attend the club regularly. Do you have a membership for this age group?

Does the club raise money for charitable purposes?