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By Abigail Quigley | August 3, 2018

Aging of the skin is a natural process affected by genetic factors, diet, environment and lifestyle choices. However many of us want to ensure that our skin doesn’t feel (or show) the effects!   To help ensure your skin stays healthy for the rest of the summer and year-round, here are our top tips:   Read More

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Copeman Corner: Overcoming 6 Common Barriers to Healthy Lifestyle Change

By TCC | February 2, 2018

Despite our best intentions to quit smoking, lose weight, or exercise as part of our New Year’s resolutions, we often fall by the wayside by the time February hits. This is because the barriers to successful change are deep-rooted and difficult to overcome. To help get you started, here are the 6 biggest barriers to change, and some tips to overcome them: 1. Read More

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Squash Tips with Barry Gifford

By Carolyn Johnson | August 10, 2015

Get into the Zone with the Magic of Rituals In the last article we had you utilizing positive cue words or positive cue statements prior to the serve and service return. If you use these positive cue words/statements each time you are serving or receiving a serve you will begin to develop a ritual. You Read More

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Focus on Fitness New Years Programs

By hotsoup | January 8, 2015

Focus on Fitness New Years Edition 45 Day Challenge Need a goal for 2015? For the months of January and February, the Fitness Centre is challenging Members to commit to a minimum of 45 workouts in 57 days. Members can choose any type of exercise; cardio, weight-training, squash, swimming, yoga or jog outside, as long Read More

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